• A Proven Roadmap for Success

    The College Success Scholars Program provides structured personal, academic, and professional support to Black and Latino males at the University of Maryland to ensure that scholars have the opportunity to become fully engaged in all aspects of university life and are able to succeed academically, personally, and professionally.

Scholar Testimonials

Elfadil Osman
Class of 2017

One of the most critical components of achieving success in any environment is feeling that you belong. Once you feel like you belong and become comfortable, it becomes easier to overcome doubt and mental barriers that stand between you and your success. One important way that you can come to feel comfortable is by seeing that there are others around you who are similar to you, facing similar adversities, and are succeeding. The College Success Scholars program has surrounded me with a community of brothers and scholars who share the same goals as me and face many of the same challenges and adversities that I do. The support from this community has done a great deal in convincing myself that I can be successful, and providing me with the resources needed to achieve this success.

Elfadil Osman
B.S Neurobiology/
Physiology, 2017
University of Maryland,
College Park

Troy Shuman earned his JD from Rodger Williams School of Law in spring 2015 and was recently selected for the Judge Advocate General’s Corps

Patrick Williams completed his Peace Corps assignment as a health technical trainer in Burkina Faso, Africa and is currently pursuing his doctorate in public health at University Of Minnesota

Alex Childs triple majored in Management Information Systems, Operations Management, and Analytics and is now a technology consulting senior analyst at Accenture.

Each of these young men created their own successful road map with the support of the College Success Scholars (CSS) program at the University of Maryland. As a result, each young man has created a bright future filled with service and leadership.


Student Scholars.

While society’s educational expectations remain low for Black and Latino young men, we know that these young men can and will succeed in school when they have access to the right tools, support, and opportunities. In fact, our first class of 2007 scholars succeeded with a 100% graduation rate. We continue this record of success, as our scholars maintain a 90% retention rate. This is 27% higher than similar populations who lack a support network like the one we offer at CSS. College Success Scholars demonstrate retention and graduation rates that far exceed university and national averages.

The College Success Scholars program recognizes the innate abilities and the potential for growth of each of our scholars. We work to help each scholar develop the following qualities as they begin their journey through higher education and ultimately into the workforce —

  • Resilience
  • Agency
  • Purpose, and
  • A sense of brotherhood

Our program helps scholars to develop a road map for their academic journey, that includes internships, fellowships, research, study abroad, leadership positions, and extracurricular activities that will strengthen their minds and characters and prepare them well for what lies ahead.

Our scholars

  • Receive and provide mentoring and tutoring
  • Engage in community service and service learning
  • Participate in cultural, educational, and professional field trips


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Internship Highlight- Nene Mensah

Posted by Maxwell Morris
My name is Nene Narh-Mensah, I’m a senior studying journalism and public policy. This past summer I interned at Maryland Matters, a state politics and policy publication. I covered justice and health equity while there. I also contributed to their coverage of the elections this year. The semester before, I had been searching for an internship that could count for internship ...READ MORE »

Scholar Testimonials

Kwabena Yamoah

I have been a part of different campus organizations throughout my undergraduate years and even now, in my second year of medical school, and from my experiences thus far, there is no program that comes close to the academic and professional development programs offered by College Success Scholars (CSS). Not only did CSS help me develop high expectations, it provided the help I needed to meet those expectations. Through the counseling and workshops, I felt empowered to achieve my goals. Sometimes it was difficult to see the vision the leadership of CSS was trying to impart, but looking back now, I can see it. I am proud to be a CSS alumni.

Kwabena Yamoah
School of Medicine
University of Maryland